Gallery of previous custom orders

The items on this page are custom orders. They are not held in stock but can made to order


This order was placed after the customer had seen the child’s version of the hoodie. ‘Can I have that in an adult size please?’ Who was I to say no? I will put my hands up and say there were a few choice words especially when I realised the shaping of the sleeve was incorrect: just as I was casting off. Having been seen wearing it by her friend she placed an order too.  Best advertising I say.



Now I can bet which of these designs you would have thought gave me most concerns. The camper van right? Wrong: I was more concerned about the mortarboard although the van was harder to attach. This custom order was the result of the customer seeing someone out with one of my flowery jute shopping bags.




This custom order chunky throw was requested by a family member who had seen the first one I had made (see my story so far). The request was for a plainer pattern and this was just what she wanted. It has kept her warm on many winters evenings. Maybe one day I’ll have one too.




Not long after I had started advertising I got a call: my daughter has outgrown her favourite jumper do you think you could copy it in a larger size? It took me ages to count the polar bear out from the original but it was worth it. As soon as I dropped it off the daughter ran upstairs and put it on. I’ve not had a custom order like it since.



My custom orders aren’t just wool related: I love using other materials. A personalised hanging wooden star is a great way to celebrate a new life. These can be perfect on their own or added to other baby items to make a gift hamper. The choice is up to you.





‘Hugo’ what can I say about this custom order? I fell in love with him: once he was finally finished. I don’t make many items like this so they are not CE tested and are therefore not intended as toys.



Hopefully these have given you an idea of what I can create for you. I’m here if you want to discuss a custom order.


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