Getting ready for Christmas

I’m sure the preparation for Christmas starts earlier each year or is it me? I promise myself I’ll be more organised but somehow it doesn’t happen. I planned for a new range which I was adamant would be ready for Christmas. Especially for the big local shopping event I booked a stall at. Am I […]

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Hand knitting is just that

Hand knitting; that’s how I say my goods are made. Unless it is via a different method, but it is mainly hand made: me and sewing machines don’t always see eye to eye. So when taking part in a social media post this week it was mentioned that the price people are willing to pay for […]

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Taking a new direction

I hear top business people telling companies that to stay in the public eye you need to constantly reinventing to stay new and fresh: relevant. I’m just a small fish in a very big sea, but I sat back and pondered. When I started Grans I had no idea that I would still be here doing what I love 6 […]

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Getting a custom order

Every now and again you get a custom order that makes you extra happy. Don’t get me wrong every enquiry makes me smile, but then there is the one that makes me grin. Receiving a message with a picture attachment asking ‘are you able to make these’ I was performing a happy dance. The customer […]

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Sewing is also a passion

Grans not only knits there are bits too; those bits are usually something to do with sewing. I don’t mean dressmaking; that is more my sisters thing. I love to cross stitch. The stairs at my parents was and is still partially my art gallery. Rarely do they get given away. I find sitting sewing, […]

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Planning for the year ahead

Happy New Year. Usually as at this point I reflect on the past twelve months but I find myself  looking forward; planning for this year. Perhaps its because I actually took some time out and put my feet up over Christmas that I am excited about this year. It could also be that my planning meant that […]

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My creative knitting process

I thought perhaps you would like an insight to how I work: my creative process I use to fulfil an custom order. When I first get an enquiry I get a massive buzz. Someone likes my work enough to want me to make them something specific. Every crafter will tell you the same thing so […]

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Celebrating Five Years of Grans

There was a post on a forum recently that asked when you started your craft business and how you should be celebrating this milestone: this got me thinking. How long had Grans knits ‘n’ bits been trading. When I originally started out with my ‘business’ I was a book keeper. I’ve always loved figure work […]

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Keeping the customer happy

How many times; when dealing with companies have you moaned about lack of customer service? I know I have. However I’ll bet that its been a larger company you have been dealing with. Since setting up Grans I have come to realise that customer satisfaction is paramount. I love getting feedback like ‘awesome’ just from […]

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Its all about the keyring

Well where did June go? I feel like it was only yesterday that my new site went live and already a month has passed. I have been trying to get stock ready for my only craft fair of the year and its all been about the keyring and bag charm. It started purely by accident when […]

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