The story of Grans knits: the journey so far

I still find it hard to believe that Grans knits n bits exists: it was never my intention. Let me go back to the beginning.

Growing up I was surrounded by people making things: if it wasn’t my Mum and Nan knitting and sewing then it was my Dad building with wood and I was encouraged to try even from a young age. As I got older the knitting took a back seat and I got into cross stitching. As friends and family started having children the knitting needles saw the light of day again and my passion was reignited. It wasn’t until I had been knitting for my grandchildren that suggestions about setting up and selling on line started. Sure the knitting wasn’t a problem; as for the selling I was a novice but I like a challenge. So when I was asked to make a throw incorporating a pattern seen on a cardigan; instead of my usual hesitation I jumped right in and Grans knits n bits was born.

My biggest creation – to date

Since then I have been so lucky and have been kept busy with custom orders. Some have caused me to say ‘you want me to make what?’ Others have lead me to other creations. I have also been lucky enough to have made items for the BBC which have appeared on TV, knitted for a fashion student and a start up fashion company: there is even a possible magazine article on the cards. How insane is that?

I still have a day job: the reality is I can’t support myself by knitting alone but every spare moment I have involves creating, even when we are traveling to visit people Grans knits becomes mobile. Making handmade items is a passion; knowing that what I make is going to a new baby or is a gift for someone special is a privilege. I love being able to work with someone to give them that extra special creation; something that can be treasured or handed down the family. It is still a learning curve after numerous years however instead of no I can’t; now it’s lets see what happens.

Gift ideas which can be custom made


Grans knits has items ready to go via Etsy or you can see my latest new creations on Facebook or if you want a custom order you can contact me via the contact me page.

If you want to order an item feel free to contact me. Cheques can be made payable to EDL Business Services 55 Parrotts Field, Old Essex Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 0QX

Other payment options are available

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