Getting ready for Christmas

I’m sure the preparation for Christmas starts earlier each year or is it me? I promise myself I’ll be more organised but somehow it doesn’t happen.

I planned for a new range which I was adamant would be ready for Christmas. Especially for the big local shopping event I booked a stall at. Am I likely to be ready? There is a slim chance but the festive versions will not be. How has this happened I ask myself? The unexpected two craft fairs have had some bearing on it but I think life has got a little hectic. I haven’t even had chance to list the previously made Christmas products I have in stock.

Santa stop hanger


I find this splits me into two people: personally I dislike that we can’t get through September without finding festive items in stores. Buying cards for special people becomes more complicated. I often find myself standing in a card shop muttering to myself: do they not realise people still have birthdays this time of year. Then there is the business side of me that was thinking about festive items at Easter. I suppose at least I wasn’t advertising items for Christmas at Easter.

There were so many things I wanted to try this year, more decorations, sewn cards, CE tested knitted characters. I guess there is always next Christmas.

Do I try and list the stock I have when visits to my online outlets are so low. No, I think my concentration will be on the big local event. If anyone is near The Spotlight, Hoddesdon on Sunday 25th November I’ll be there with an array of knitted and crochet items. You can find full details via Please feel free to visit my online store at nuMONDAY to give you an idea what I’ll have with me, or my Facebook page. You can place an order for collection on the day. Hope to see you there


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