Hand knitting is just that

Hand knitting; that’s how I say my goods are made. Unless it is via a different method, but it is mainly hand made: me and sewing machines don’t always see eye to eye.

So when taking part in a social media post this week it was mentioned that the price people are willing to pay for hand knitting has fallen due to more people making the items using knitting machines. This got to me. It is a knitting machine which doesn’t require you to read a pattern, constantly count stitches and lets not mention picking up that one you dropped. Having seen them being used they are a lot quicker than the traditional hand knitting that I use; so no wonder people want to pay less.

This got me wondering. How many sites out there say hand knitting when they actually mean machine knitting? Some goods are pretty obvious that they are made on a machine: well to me they are. I’m sure the people that create them do so lovingly but to me it just isn’t the same. I guess that makes me a purist.  Would I want to make that change and use a machine? Sure I could increase my output and offer reduced prices but would I enjoy creating as much. In a word: no. Grans has never been about global domination of the knitting world. It is and always will be about providing lovingly made items using the traditional methods taught to me by my family.

 so when you order this….

 this is how it is made


Will this mean an early retirement? Afraid not but I will be proud in the knowledge that my items have been created by my own two hands and not a machine. They may take more hours to make but it will be hours of enjoyment: needles and wool. Who can ask for more?


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  1. Ro Tryhorn 20th July 2018 at 9:58 am #

    I know exactly what you mean! It is the same in my craft. There are too many people using lasers to personalise or decorate items and consequently they are far cheaper to produce. My craft of Pyrography is all done freehand and takes time to produce. Each item is made with love and no two are ever the same. I so agree with you, one look and you can tell the difference!

  2. Freddie 20th July 2018 at 10:21 am #

    Here here well said Gran 😁

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