Getting a custom order

Every now and again you get a custom order that makes you extra happy. Don’t get me wrong every enquiry makes me smile, but then there is the one that makes me grin.

Receiving a message with a picture attachment asking ‘are you able to make these’ I was performing a happy dance. The customer wanted to order an item I had wanted to create for nearly a year.  As usual after the excitement came the brief self doubt. Crochet is not my first choice for creating but I knew that was what the order required.

Once I had placed the order for the required materials I couldn’t help it: out came the crochet hook. A prototype seemed the perfect idea. I was so glad that I did. I learnt a lot about making donuts.

The lovely delivery man arrived with my parcel and I was like a child at Christmas. Which colour to start with? Deciding to complete the bases first I did something else for the first time: I crochet on the bus travelling to my day job. With the four bases complete I was back to the difficult choice: which icing colour to do first.

No matter how long you have been crafting you still learn. My first donut ended up with the icing unravelled and started again as I wasn’t happy. Once it was completed then came the nervous wait for the customer to respond to the picture.  Happy days; the client was happy. As always it is imperative for me to keep in touch with a customer regarding their order.

Although I am waiting to complete the last one of the order I am very happy with how this has worked out. I’ll still have butterflies when I deliver them but I am hoping there will be more orders in the future. If you’d like your own custom made donut cushion click the link to my Etsy Store.

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