Sewing is also a passion

Grans not only knits there are bits too; those bits are usually something to do with sewing. I don’t mean dressmaking; that is more my sisters thing. I love to cross stitch. The stairs at my parents was and is still partially my art gallery. Rarely do they get given away.

Made for a friend

I find sitting sewing, watching a cross stitch come to life exciting but the time involved in large pictures makes them too expensive to offer as a service so I wanted to find a way of being able to offer them in a smaller scale. So far that has meant small key rings, bookmarkscards and wooden hanging plaques. I was requested to recreate a sewn phrase in a frame last year which was something I hadn’t done for years: embroidery. Then like buses another order, sewing initials on an heirloom for a wedding. What a privilege.

Now don’t get me wrong I love my knitting but variety is good right? So this year I want to add a few more lines to my stock that will require me to do more sewing. I’m thinking at the moment small framed items are the way to go. I have some materials left to make more cards so I may have a play there too. I have sewn smaller, simpler pictures as wedding gifts as I think they are a personal gift that hopefully will be kept. I’d love to start sewing something special for you; but please give me plenty of time.

What occasions to people want keepsakes from: weddings, new babies, new home? The ideas are flowing. Gifts for good friends just to let them know you care. Special birthdays? I think the next few weekends are going to be spent sewing. If there is anything you would like me to make let me know.

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