Planning for the year ahead

Happy New Year. Usually as at this point I reflect on the past twelve months but I find myself  looking forward; planning for this year. Perhaps its because I actually took some time out and put my feet up over Christmas that I am excited about this year. It could also be that my planning meant that orders were finished in good time so I was less stressed. So what does 2018 have in store?

Firstly I hope to be more organised; better planning has to be the key. I want to clear some work in progress items that have been shelved and make a few new items that have been on my list for a while. I’ve been giving some thought to branding, ethical packaging and of course maintaining customer service. What can I do to make my services more appealing? Last year was my best year so far; thank you all who helped make that possible. Now the ball is rolling I want to keep it so; but how? Social media is obviously important but I find that it can be time consuming especially with holding down a full time job too. Again I guess planning is the key.


Prioritising too has to be important. I would love to get out and attend some craft events but so far they haven’t been productive so it makes more sense to concentrate on the online presence. Stock wise; last year saw an increase in custom orders but as with every crafter the temptation to make something new is always great so new stock lines will be very likely. Last year saw the inclusion of cards, gloves and sleeping bags to my store. Also made order option of throws and baby car seat blankets. This year I’m planning on adding ponchos and adult hoodies or anything else that gets requested; within reason.

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