My creative knitting process

I thought perhaps you would like an insight to how I work: my creative process I use to fulfil an custom order.

When I first get an enquiry I get a massive buzz. Someone likes my work enough to want me to make them something specific. Every crafter will tell you the same thing so those posts you see on line about crafters doing a happy dance are true: I promise. Sometimes I sit back and go: you want me to make what? After taking a moment the creative me kicks in.

So I have a mental check list: can I make what the customer wants? Can I get it to them in time? Can I get the materials I need? Then its confirming what the customer wants; providing them with all the options available. Colours, buttons, sizes: sometimes I feel like I am asking too many questions but I want to get it right. Sometimes I have to step back if it something I haven’t made before and look for a pattern or as I seem to do more now; draw one out. I guess this is my research and development.

So then the creating starts. I never really considered myself creative but since starting Grans I have to admit maybe I am; just a little bit.  This is the bit I really enjoy. A new project to start; orders to place for materials which usually means new wool to play with. Some orders seem to come together quickly, others give you a few creative nightmares: is the colour right, is it going to be the right size? Sometimes you just have to put your work down, walk away and take a deep breath. Thankfully I haven’t thrown my knitting across the room……yet. Anyway that would be dangerous: flying needles.

I always try to send working progress pictures to the customer; much better to get told they want something changed before it is all finished and sewn up. This is where the barrage of questions before the creative process actually stars is invaluable. More often than not I am pleased with the finished article but on occasion I am not totally happy; but then I am my hardest critic.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I start thinking about how it is going to be shipped. If it is an order for someone I know and it is being dropped off or collected then its wrapping up; nice and simple. If it has to go via a mail service then its making sure it arrives safely so we get into boxes, mail bags or sometimes an additional layer of brown paper. If I am feeling extra creative then you might find a short poem inside your package too.

This was one of my: you want what orders. Can you knit me a Lambretta on a Jute bag? It seems I can! These bags can be found here  or fill in my contact form.


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