Celebrating Five Years of Grans

There was a post on a forum recently that asked when you started your craft business and how you should be celebrating this milestone: this got me thinking. How long had Grans knits ‘n’ bits been trading.

When I originally started out with my ‘business’ I was a book keeper. I’ve always loved figure work and I’d put myself through evening classes for my qualifications so it seemed the logical way to go. Somewhere during that journey the knitting took over: this wasn’t a conscious decision so the exact date was hazy. Searching, I found the photo’s I took when I was setting up my first web site: May 2012! Goodness me Grans is 5 years old!

Looking back I considered all the times I’d almost called time out; thrown the towel in because the orders weren’t coming in or my stock wasn’t selling. What kept me going? I’d love to say it was my self belief but I can’t. Some of it was assurance from others but mainly it was the knowledge that things don’t happen over night.

It takes time to build a reputation; get your name out and about. An online store isn’t like a shop on the high street that people see as they walk past: you have to work to be found. This can be just as time consuming as making the products you want to sell. The buzz of that first online sale made it all worth it.

So yes I am celebrating this achievement. I am proud to still be here after five years. In the last two years I have had repeat customers and  custom orders. Sure my stock may not have flown out the door but I am getting progressively busier.

Do I plan to be here celebrating in another five years: I hope so. I’m already taking orders for 2018. There are new makes I’m itching to try, not to mention the items that still need to be finished.
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