Keeping the customer happy

How many times; when dealing with companies have you moaned about lack of customer service? I know I have. However I’ll bet that its been a larger company you have been dealing with.

Since setting up Grans I have come to realise that customer satisfaction is paramount. I love getting feedback like ‘awesome’ just from sending a customer a photo update of their order. It only takes me a minute to send that update but the response makes me happy for ages. Ordering myself from smaller companies I love just dropping them a line to let them know I appreciate their speedy service which has meant I can keep my customers happy as I know that can make a bad day better. Everyone likes to feel appreciated: right?

From my point of view; especially with custom orders it makes more sense to double check details than finish making something only to find out the colour isn’t quite right or the buttons aren’t to their taste. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes I feel like I’m a pest asking all the questions to make sure I have it right but a happy customer is more likely to return or recommend you: that is the greatest advert you can have.

At present I am working on the first part of what could be my largest order to date. I’ll admit I am rather excited even if I am a little daunted. Am I pestering the customer? You bet I am. They wanted to order it all at once but I wanted to split it: one set first then the other two if they are happy. I would hate to complete three sets and find they aren’t completely happy. So if I am a little quite at the moment its because I am busy keeping the customer happy.

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