Its all about the keyring

Well where did June go? I feel like it was only yesterday that my new site went live and already a month has passed. I have been trying to get stock ready for my only craft fair of the year and its all been about the keyring and bag charm. It started purely by accident when I spotted a bag charm when I was out; so I decided to change some of my items which then led to orders. It has been nice working on smaller items as recently my order book has been larger makes.


Some of these can be found online Large bauble bag charms  Bauble keyrings and heart charms  other floral keyring designs will be added soon. These can be made to order too; so if you don’t see the keyring you want let me know.

I know a lot of other crafters have been commenting on how quiet is has been and I too have found it to be the same. Thankfully I have a group of faithful customers who keep me occupied. I will admit that I was considering removing myself from certain outlets and then what happens: the orders start. If one is accepted I could be missing for sometime. After that it will be all go for the festive season. That seems like a silly thing to be thinking about in July but you need to be organised. Maybe I should add a festive keyring or bag charm to my to do list.

 That said I have some of these in festive colours so perhaps I am more organised than I thought.



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