Welcome to my new website: finally

Ta dah. Finally I have gone and done it: after much procrastination I have a new website. It had been a job on my to do list for sometime but I always put it off; telling myself I didn’t have the time when really I didn’t fancy learning to use new software. When I first logged on I did take a gulp but even if I do say so myself its doesn’t look too bad (for a first attempt).

I have tried to include some of my favourite custom makes and to give you some insight into my journey thus far. I hope this heralds a new chapter that has lots of exciting new creations to come. It has also been a learning curve in which I’ve realised I can do it if I try. Even with my best efforts I still have my doubts about pushing to do something new. I should remember: believe and you can achieve.

So what is next on my list? I have another website to sort: the husbands for his landscaping which isn’t looking so daunting now. Pinterest has been suggested: maybe by the end of the year as I still have to master Twitter. I have a few work in progresses to finish then maybe I’ll list a few of my bigger items as made to order. Then I’ll start on using some more of my wool stash so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Set me a challenge.

I also need to be better at keeping this website’s blog up to date; I didn’t do too well with my last site. Feel free to tell me off if I start to slip.

Now keeping in the custom of pushing to do new things: those who know me know I don’t like having my picture taken so this is me. The nutty knitter responsible for this website.

So hello and thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon; Elaine

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